Down to link?

It’s always fun to link up with other creatives. It’s like iron sharpens iron indeed. I got a messages from @g.i._job on Instagram telling me that he had a ton of film and if I ever wanted to hit the streets we could link. Ever sense I started this blog I have been hit or […]

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Photowalk DTLA

Last week I got a chance to hit the streets of downtown LA with Bro Josiah. We met around 6pm because it’s been too hot to shoot during the day. We met in Pershing Square and after a quick stop at Shake Shack to watch bro devour a burger, we made images. Here are some […]

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The Hands

This photo was shot before I got on the metro to head downtown. Street evangelism seems to be a common thing in LA. As I was walking, an older man was handing me this flyer for their church so I snapped a shot. I love the older mans hands because they remind me of my […]

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Fed 5000?

John 6 talks about how Jesus fed 5000 with with 5 loaves and 2 fish. This was a miracle and a one of the hardest parts about Jesus’ ministry for me to believe. Yes, a believer in Christ struggling with unbelief. I have come to learn that this was basically showing how God is all […]

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Implications #3

Last night I got a parking ticket while I was at a small group. Crazy to think that I was focusing on God while also going against the laws of the land. It was totally my fault, I should have read the sign more carefully. This shot was taken at a different location some time […]

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I took 22,000 steps this day because I had a lot of ground to cover at the land of Disney. My feet were hurting, it was hot, and my sugar intake was at a all time high. How can one have a hangover where alcohol is not served? I met Mickey, Minnie, and saw my […]

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