I have still been taking photos in my absence from this platform. Been busy with work and school but the rolls of film have been piling up. Everyday I have my camera with me because I’m certain I will see photographs. My brain has not turned off toward creativity but it has actually sharpened. I […]

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In the midst of being busy (I started school and part time work) I have to remember and even fight to stay grounded. I was reminded yesterday that I have to keep mind on things above (Heavenly minded). Just a short reflection to keep the blog up to date.

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There are a lot of things that have ran through my mind, heart, and spirit today. I can go a whole day of staying to myself and being present in my own head. A lot of times there is nothing wrong with me but if you looked at my expression you would see coldness. I […]

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Lake Arrowhead

We went camping with my cousins Mariah and Nico. I took my point and shoot camera and my canon Eos1N with some Ilford film. We had a great time hiking, building our campsite with the fire, and jumping off a Huge cliff! Shoutout to wifey for her prayers! I needed a tanI thought our campsite […]

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Down to link? Part 2

In the last post I shared photos from a collaboration with @g.i._job. Well he also had a camera so I got a chance to get in front of his lens. When we first met he was laughing because we basically had the same fit, black shorts with a white tee. I however was keeping it […]

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Down to link?

It’s always fun to link up with other creatives. It’s like iron sharpens iron indeed. I got a messages from @g.i._job on Instagram telling me that he had a ton of film and if I ever wanted to hit the streets we could link. Ever sense I started this blog I have been hit or […]

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Photowalk DTLA

Last week I got a chance to hit the streets of downtown LA with Bro Josiah. We met around 6pm because it’s been too hot to shoot during the day. We met in Pershing Square and after a quick stop at Shake Shack to watch bro devour a burger, we made images. Here are some […]

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